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The UBDA organisation structure consists of the Management Committee, Advisory Committee, Research, and Technical Staffs, and User Groups.

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Management Committee


Prof. Xiaojun Chen
Chair Professor
Department of Applied Mathematics

Associate Director

Prof. Jiannong Cao
Chair Professor
Department of Computing


Research and Technical Staff

Research Staff

Dr Kulshrestha Tarun
Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Heung Wong
Research Fellow

Technical Staff

Mr Samuel Poon
Information Technology Services

Dr Vincent Ng
Senior Scientific Officer

Dr Jackei Wong
Senior Scientific Officer

Mr Jack Wong
Scientific Officer

Mr Dillian Wong
Scientific Officer

Advisory Committee

Prof Jianqing Fan  

Frederick L. Moore ’18 Professor of Finance
Professor of Statistics
Professor of Operations Research and Financial Engineering
School of Engineering and Applied Science
Princeton University
DeanSchool of Data Science
Fudan University

Mr Daniel Lai

Digital Technology and Consultancy Co. Ltd. 
Distinguished Fellow and Past President
Hong Kong Computer Society

Prof Hui LEI

Director & Chief Technology Officer 
IBM Watson Health Cloud

Prof Zhiquan Luo

Shenzhen Research Institute of Big Data
Vice President (Academic)
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen

Prof Helen Meng

Professor & Chairman
Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management 
The Chinese University of Hong Kong 
Stanley Ho Big Data Decision Analytics Research Centre 
The Chinese University of Hong Kong 

Prof Qiang Yang

New Bright Professor of Engineering & Chair Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering 
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology  

Prof Ir Peter Yeung 

ICT & GreenTech Cluster
Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

Prof Philip Yu

UIC Distinguished Professor & Wexler Chair in Information Technology
Department of Computer Science
University of Illinois at Chicago

Dr Jingren Zhou

Vice President
Alibaba Group

Prof Albert Zomaya

Chair Professor of High Performance Computing and Networking
School of Information Technologies
The University of Sydney 
Centre for Distributed and High Performance Computing