Poster trainingcourse


You are cordially invited to attend a training course spanning 4 weeks. The training is an introductory course aimed to help research users to effectively use the UBDA HPC resources. It covers various topics from basic PBS scripting to basic Python programming.  During the four weeks, the course includes UBDA HPC structure and workflow, basic PBS scripting, basic Linux and Unix commands, how to compile and run programs on UBDA servers and basics of data storage and management system. Please find the arrangements below.



 Introduction to High Performance Computing with Python (Poster)


 Oct 12, 2020 to Nov 7, 2020

Session activities

  •  Online ZOOM Orientation (first session: Oct 12, 2020, 2:30pm – 3pm)
  •  UBDA HPC Services (second session: Oct 12 - Oct 25, self-study with different training materials, exercises and consultation)
  • Introduction of Python Data Analytics (third session: Oct 26 - Nov 7, self-study with different training materials, exercises and consultation)


 Research staff and students

 30 (first-come-first serve via online registration)

 Confirmation emails will be sent to the registrants on Oct 9, 2020.




Course Topics

  • Orientation
    • Introduction to UBDA Facility
    • UBDA HPC Login
  • UBDA HPC Services
    • Data Transferring to UBDA HPC system
    • UBDA Platform Interface
    • Job Submission and Scheduling, Status
  • Introduction of Python Data Analytics
    • Introduction Python tutorial
    • Setting up of software environment
    • Practice with Open-source Python Scripts - Scikit Learn Examples
    • Python for Mathematical Optimization with Applications on UBDA Facility
    • Python in UBDA Examples