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General Questions

Q1 How can I start using the UBDA platform?

Please refer to the Become a User Procedure for more detail.

Registration for UBDA account requires at least 2 - 3 business days.

Q2 Who can use the UBDA platform?

UBDA platform is accessible to PolyU researchers, including academic staff and students. 

Q3  Is the UBDA platform free of charge for a PolyU staff and student?

Each PI group is assigned a free quota to use the UBDA platform. After the usage of given free quota, charges will be applied based on UBDA charging model.

The Principal Investigator (PI) of the project will be responsible for his/her student's UBDA account and charges. 

An invoice will be sent to a user based on usage and fund transfer will be arranged by FO colleagues accordingly.

Please refer to the Charging Model for more details.

Q4 How updated information of the UBDA tools, software, training, seminar, etc., can be available? 

You can visit our UBDA website regularly for updated information and for upcoming events.

Technical Questions

Q1 Is UBDA support data sharing among researchers working on the same project? 

You can send us a separate request. We will create a group for sharing the data. But, users will run their code/application within their UBDA account.

Q2 How UBDA will support the update of a software's version?  

You can send us a separate request. Applications will be reviewed regularly and will be applied once it is well-tested and integrated with the UBDA platform smoothly.